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Translation Specializations from A to Z
Just one mistake can lead to substantial damage when translating specialized texts. Knowledge of specific terminology and its proper use is a major condition for a top-quality translation.
Transcripts, certificates, diplomas, thesis, research papers, résumés and CVs, recommendation letters... ​​​​​​​
Video ads, clips, video tutorials, films, trailers, book trailers, scripts, subtitles, etc.
Business and Administration
Agremeents, partnerships, MoUs, NDAs, e-mails, invoices, payslips, forms, surveys, campaigns, assessments, strategy & business plans...
All kind of software can be translated. Let me assess you on the best formats for file exchange to accomplish it.
Economic and Financial
Financial statements, stock exchange announcements, annual reports, market analyses, bank records, insurance documents...
Despite the lower level of terminological or technical difficulties, an expert on linguistics and the mechanics of translation is still required.
Statutes, contracts, treaties and deals, court summons, warrants...
Plays, articles, novels, tales, comics, poems, etc. For children, young and adults.
Climber and scuba diver myself indeed.
User guides, manuals, instruction leaflets, training materials...
When translation and creation combine, transcreation arises. Specially needed for marketing and communication content.
Localization: Beyond Translation
Localization is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. Translation is only one of several elements of the localization process.
App and Website Localization
Make the traffic to your website or the downloads of your app sky rocket by offering them in Spanish. 
There are around 500 millions of Spanish speakers out there!
Videogame Localization
Did you know that the videogame industry in Spain accounts for 0.11% of GBP? And that women stand for 42% of all gamers in Spain? 
Designed for leisure or educational purposes, localization ensures your game rocks everywhere!

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