Desktop publishing (DTP) is the creation of documents using layout skills. This implies the rearranging of text and illustrations through appropriate publishing software.
DTP Tools Commonly Used
Adobe's InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator, Microsoft's Word and PowerPoint, Canva, etc.
Why Is DTP Required after Translation?
1. Language Length
The space required to fit the text into your document may change from one language to another. For instance, when translating from English into Spanish, the Spanish translation can be up to 15% longer. Then, layout has to be fixed to make the text fit properly.
2. Font Compatibility
Certain typefaces cannot support all the characters used in different languages. Fonts have to be chosen depending on the language you want to translate into.
3. Writing Sense
Certain languages require DTP automatically, like Farsi, since the language is written from right to left. DTP concerns image localization also.
4. A Ready-to-Market Solution
Asking for DTP services together with the translation lets you save time and get ready-to-market documents through a key-in-hand solution!

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