Specialized education
2018: Photoshop and InDesign, Works & Dreams, 85h.
2016: Adobe InDesign CC, La Casa Encendida, 12h.
2015: Photosop CC Digital Edition, Too Many Flash, 21h.
2014: Fundamentals of Photography, Lens, 30h.
2013: Workshop on Creative Writing, Fuentetaja, 6 months.
2012-2013: English for Social Scientists (6 ECTS), Spanish Social Structure II (6 ECTS).
2011-2012: Spanish Social Structure I (6 ECTS), Social Psychology (6 ECTS), UNED.
2010-2011: Social Anthropology (6 ECTS), Economic Structure (6 ECTS), Contemporary Social Structure I (6 ECTS), Contemporary Social Structure II (6 ECTS), UNED.
2009-2010: Introduction to Sociology I (6 ECTS), Introduction to Sociology II (6 ECTS), Introduction to Economics (6 ECTS), UNED.
2008-2009: Fundamentals of Politics I (6 ECTS), Fundamentals of Politics II: the Spanish Political System (6 ECTS), Statistics Applied to Social Sciences (12 ECTS), Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences (12 ECTS), UNED.
Jun. 06: Postgraduate Certificate in Education (CAP) (Spanish Ministry of Education).
May 04: TESOL 2004, education fair. Interpreter.
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