Related Professional Experience
I have been working as a language service provider since 2005 for the following language pairs:
Official Diplomas and Merits
​​​​​​​Graduated in Translating and Interpreting (English, French and Italian)
Graduated with Honours for Italian
Universidad P. Comillas, Oct. 01-Jun. 05.
Sworn and Certified Translator of English
Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since Jan. 06.
DALF (Diploma in Advanced French Language)
Institut Français, Jun. 05.
Additional Credits Granted
2012-2013: Professional and Academic English (6 ECTS), UNED.
2014-2015: Genetic Fundamentals of Language (5 ECTS), Linguistics and First Writing Systems (5 ECTS), Linguistic Grammar (5 ECTS), Fundamentals of Visual Language (5 ECTS), Phonological and Iconic Fundamentals of Communication (5 ECTS), UNED.
2019-2020: Digital tools for qualitative and quantitative text analysis (20 h), Laguage and the processes of mobility and globalisation (4 h), Methodological aspects of scientific researh: procedures, instruments and techniques (3 h), CITAVI and the academic writing (3 h), Research techniques applied to Linguistics (2 h), Seminar on Sketch Engine (2 h), UCM.
Other Languages Known
German (A2)
Russian (A2)
Chinese (A1)
Farsi (A1)
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